Bin SALMAN stop playing dirty

Bin SALMAN stop playing dirty
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Bin SALMAN ===> stop playing dirty: to damage all the peoples of the world, with your band of shariah assassins LEGA ARABA OCI ONU,
stop being an accomplice of the Rothschild Pharisees

smetti di giocare sporco: per danneggiare tutti i popoli del mondo, con la tua banda di assassini shariah LEGA ARABA OCI ONU,
smetti di fare il complice dei Farisei Rothschild

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI •

Bin SALMAN] it does not exist in the world of the invisible and of the supernatural and of the divine,
there are no creatures that can hope: to get some positive result, in a clash against Unius REI … your demon Satan and Allah and their spirits of religion? they can not do anything, they are powerless against me.
in fact I am the champion of God JHWH and I have a divine creative faith!

no non esiste nel mondo dello invisibile e del soprannaturale e del divino,
non esistono creature che possono sperare: di ottenere un qualche risultato positivo, in un scontro contro Unius REI… il tuo demonio Satana e Allah e i loro spiriti di religione? loro non possono nulla, sono impotenti.
infatti io sono il campione di Dio JHWH ed io ho una divina fede creativa!

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Turkeys is ISIS Daesh, and all Galaxy Jiadism are Sunnis,the army of Saudi terror was defeated by the Syrians army and Russians and Kurds.
But the Turks thieves and murderers: invaders and enemies of the people, Turks NAZI STILL try to recover Syrian oil rich land on behalf of their
Erdogan is ethnic replacement: at 100% with his Turkmen.
it is necessary to defeat this sewer of the Turks, that they are really, fake “white helmets” al-Nursa and ISIS Daesh partners-Turkey,
Dirty Erdogan the whole world knows your dirty game:
all Syria and Iraq is full of the mass graves that you have designed.
Putin USA UE NATO China, etc.. is not fooled, soon you will feel his boot up your Jihadists new Ottoman Empire: and shariah genocide.
he will come against you!
go away Erdogan crazy maniac possessed and bloodthirsty and imperialism: go away

I turchi sono i veri gestori occulti di ISIS Daesh, e tutti i Galaxy Jiadism sono sunniti, l’esercito del terrore saudita è stato sconfitto dai siriani, dai russi e dai curdi e dai turchi ladri e assassini: invasori e nemici del popolo, i turchi NAZI ANCORA cercano di recuperare la terra ricca di petrolio siriano per conto dei loro
Erdogan è una sostituzione etnica: al 100% con i suoi turkmeni.
è necessario sconfiggere questa fogna dei Turchi, che sono davvero, finti “elmetti bianchi” al-Nursa e ISIS Daesh partner-Turchia,
Erdogan sporco tutto il mondo conosce il tuo gioco sporco:
tutta la Siria e l’Iraq sono piene delle fosse comuni che tu hai progettato.
Putin USA UE NATO Cina, ecc. Non è ingannato, presto sentirai il suo avvio del tuo nuovo impero ottomano jihadista: e il genocidio della sharia.
lui verrà contro di te!
vai via Erdogan maniaco pazzo posseduto e sanguinario e imperialista: vai via

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Human Rights Watch accuses Venezuelan authorities of torture to political prisoners: Caracas security forces have executed political opponents, killed priests, slandered innocarrested and tortured slandered ents, slandered of subversion , is why, MADURO must be killed

Human Rights Watch accusa le autorità venezuelane di torture a prigionieri politici: forze di sicurezza di Caracas hanno giustiziato oppositori politici, ucciso preti, arrestato e torturato militari calunniati di sovversione, MADURO deve essere ucciso


Two years ago on this day (Dec. 9), an Arab terrorist rammed his truck into soldiers waiting at a bus stop in Armon Hanatziv, killing four and wounding 13.

One of the most deadly attacks in the area took place in October 2016 when two Arab terrorists boarded a bus and shot and stabbed passengers, murdering Alon Govberg, Haim Haviv and Richard Lakin, the latter of whom was also an American citizen.

Another 17 Israelis were wounded in that attack.

The teenager said she was standing at a bus stop when an Arab man attacked her. She told the security forces who arrived at the scene that she did not know her attacker.

Security forces launched a manhunt for the assailant.

The Armon Hanatziv neighborhood is situated adjacent to Arab neighborhoods and has been the site of several terror attacks, some of them deadly.

Most recently, a knife-wielding terrorist scaled the fence at a police station in the neighborhood and attacked four officers. He was shot and killed.

A teenage girl was stabbed and wounded in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

A teenage girl was stabbed and wounded in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning.

The victim, 15, was was stabbed several times including in her neck. She was evacuated to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem and is reportedly in light-to-moderate condition.

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI •

Cina USA Russia India ] teenage girl was stabbed by Riad IRAN coward Erdogan Mohammed another shariah NAZI genocide Ummah Mecca 666 Kaaba and wounded in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem.
Islamic demons are all deaf and dumb,
the only possibility for mankind is the extermination vote
demoni islamici sono tutti sordi e muti,
l’unica possibilità per il genere umano è il voto di sterminio

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