è una tipica linea antisemita

Sembra che Tlaib invocasse accuse di doppia lealtà per attaccare una legge pro-Israele repubblicana pochi giorni dopo che una mappa del suo ufficio era stata alterata per mostrare “la Palestina” dove Israele esiste.


boycotting #Israel must be constitutionally condemned, in fact, this story of punishing brave and saint Jews who seek their homeland to stop making the parasitic satanists: FED 666 SpA IMF usury in banks worldwide: high constitutional betrayal: scam banking seigniorage, ok. this story demonic of Allah shariah and SpA Satan NWO Pd regime Bilderberg, masonic Ja-Bull-On Baal CIA UK Dracula: must end!

then, boycotting / punishing companies that boycott #Israel must become a constitutionally expressed sanction

Il boicottaggio #Israel deve essere condannato costituzionalmente, infatti, a questa storia di punire coraggiosi e santi ebrei che cercano la loro patria per smettere di fare i satanisti parassiti: FED 666 SpA FIB usura nelle banche di tutto il mondo: alto tradimento costituzionale: truffa bancaria signoraggio, ok. questa storia demoniaca di Allah Sharia e SpA Satan NWO Pd regime Bilderberg, massonico Ja-Bull-On Baal CIA Regno Unito Dracula: deve finire!
quindi, boicottare / punire le compagnie che boicottano #Israele deve diventare una sanzione costituzionalmente espressa

Di: JNS.org
La deputata Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) Ha attaccato i legislatori repubblicani e gli oppositori del movimento anti-israeliano BDS lunedì dicendo “hanno dimenticato quale paese rappresentano”.
In risposta a un post su Twitter del senatore Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Che ha lanciato una legge anti-BDS presentata la scorsa settimana dai repubblicani come “assurda”, Tlaib ha scritto: “Hanno dimenticato quale paese rappresentano. Questi sono gli Stati Uniti dove il boicottaggio è un diritto e parte della nostra storica lotta per la libertà e l’uguaglianza.

Forse un aggiornamento sulla nostra Costituzione degli Stati Uniti è in ordine, quindi tornare ad aprire il nostro governo invece di togliere i nostri diritti “.Rashida Tlaib

They forgot what country they represent. This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality. Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away.

Bernie Sanders
✔@SenSandersIt’s absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity. Democrats must block consideration of any bills that don’t reopen the government. Let’s get our priorities right. https://twitter.com/theintercept/status/1081664403622252544


3:03 AM – Jan 7, 2019

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Twitter Ads info and privacyLa proposta di legge anti-BDS è una delle quattro fatture combinate in una: il rafforzamento della sicurezza americana nella legge sul Medio Oriente – presentata da Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Jim Risch (R-Idaho), Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) E Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).Marco Rubio

This “dual loyalty” canard is a typical anti-Semitic line#BDS isn’t about freedom & equality, it’s about destroying #Israel
And if boycotting #Israel is constitutionally protected, then boycotting companies that boycott #Israel is also constitutionally protected

Rashida Tlaib
✔@RashidaTlaibThey forgot what country they represent. This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality. Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away. https://twitter.com/SenSanders/status/1082013021214597120


2:50 PM – Jan 7, 2019

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“Questa canard ‘doppia lealtà’ è una tipica linea antisemita “, ha twittato Rubio. ”

#BDS non parla di libertà e uguaglianza, si tratta di distruggere #Israele.

E se boicottare #Israel è tutelato costituzionalmente,

allora boicottare le compagnie che boicottano #Israel è anche protetto costituzionalmente “.
L’ultimo gesto di Tlaib è uno dei tanti da quando il 116 ° Congresso ha giurato la scorsa settimana.

Il suo ufficio di Capitol Hill ha mostrato una mappa nel suo primo giorno alla Camera dei Rappresentanti con una nota che indica Israele che recita “Palestina”.

Ha anche definito il presidente Donald Trump un “motherf *** er” che deve essere messo sotto accusa

Uri • an hour agoIt’s time that Congresswoman Slob—I mean Tlaib leaves the face of this earth. Her constituents should know that she doesn’t represent them. Her character demeans the position she is in. How can such an animal be a part of the U.S, congress?
beth • 2 hours agoI wanted to post to this twitter — but it’s not written well enough. It needs to describe what the bill is about, why it’s pro-USA. Lies about it are spreading around.
It needs to state it’s case concisely at the top. So if one reads 2 paragraphs they walk away fully understanding and agreeing…•

luis04191 • 2 hours agoALL AMERICANS THINK THEIR WORTHLESS OPINIONS ARE VALID AROUND THE WORLD, ONLY IF THEY SURVIVE THE BATTLEFIELD.Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agobev said: “what in g-ds name are you saying” ANSWER. I know that today there is a desperate need of prophets in the world, but, unfortunately, there are no prophets in the world today!

ANSWER. io so che oggi c’é un disperato bisogno di profeti nel mondo, ma, purtroppo NON esistono profeti oggi nel mondo! Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agoPutin eih feel fetentone] if, you commit yourself to defend the Christian martyrs in the world (to 360 °), and, then you do everything to realize my Kingdom of Israel?

sure, me, netanjahu and Salman,

we have the power to make you avoid the displeasure of this nuclear world war three: in which you will see, only, no less than 3 billion people as to die (for God’s mercy) (then I will arrive with my sphere of redemption (asteroid) and I will kill another 3 billion) This your much-loved Rothschild geopolitics? the mankind has ruined me!

so it’s your fault: sodoma USA and CANADA will be disintegrated.

Because it has been established that an antichrist like Macron.Trudeau is born from the EU.
Putin eih senti fetentone ] se, tu ti impegni a difendere i martiri cristiani nel mondo (a 360°), e, poi tu fai di tutto per realizzare il mio Regno di Israele?

certo, io, Netanjahu e Salman,

noi abbiamo il potere di farti evitare il dispiacere di questa guerra mondiale nucleare tre: in cui vedrai morire (per misericordia di Dio) non meno di 3 miliardi di persone (poi, arriverò io con la mia sfera della redenzione (asteroide) e ne ucciderò altri 3 miliardi)

Questa tua tanto amata geopolitica Rothschild? mi ha rovinato il genere umano!

quindi per colpa tua: sodoma USA e CANADA verranno disintegrati.

Perché è stato stabilito che un anticristo come Macron.Trudeau nasca dalla UE.•
Bayard Taylor • 3 hours agoShe may turn out to be the best thing that has come out of this election, for both America and Israel. I feel that some of my countrymen need to be shocked awake. LOOK AROUND! Who in the middle east likes Americans or Israelis? Jordan, Lebanon, Syria…..we all know the answer to this question. Who has offered us Blue Tooth, and so many other components for our electronics; who has helped in crises like in Japan, Haiti, and other spots to help shoulder the burden across the world? So, Ms Tlaib, if you truly support the USA (I’m trying to keep an open mind) then clear your mind and understand who truly has stood with America, and Arabs, even? Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt. Certainly not. They hate the Palestinians. They just use your people for leverage against Israel. Time to shake out the cobwebs, Ms. Tlaib!•
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agoPutin eih feel fetentone] Rothschild made the rabbit scream and Israelis-wahhabis are afraid!

because Herod Rothschild was looking for the Christian Child Jesus, but then it was the 30 Jewish children (innocent slaughter) who died in his Holocaust!

and this says a lot about how much the Rothschilds have the desire to have their own country kingdom my Israel, or as Pharisees can to have the survival of the Israelis at heart!
Putin eih senti fetentone] Rothschild ha fatto l’urlo del coniglio e israeliani hanno paura!

perché Erode Rothschild cercava il cristiano Gesù Bambino, ma, poi furono i 30 bambini ebrei (strage innocenti)a morire al posto suo Shoah!

e questo la dice lunga su quanta intenzione hanno i Rothschild di avere una loro patria oppure di avere a cuore la sopravvivenza degli israeliani!•

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agothe foundation of my Kingdom of ISRAEL and about the natural and universal law, which is a political project, cultural, agnostic and rational basis: for universal brotherhood ..
but, as you see, many ask me to listen to the new and fresh Word of God, because today there is hunger for the presence of God,

that’s why the best men have understood that I am from God that I have been sent!
la fondazione del mio Regno di ISRAELE e circa la legge naturale e universale, che è una base politica culturale, agnostica e razionale: per la fratellanza universale..
ma, come: voi vedete, molti mi chiedono di ascoltare la nuova e fresca Parola di Dio, perché oggi c’é fame della presenza di Dio,

ecco perché gli uomini migliori hanno capito che io è da Dio che sono stato mandato!•
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agobev said: “what in g-ds name are you saying” ANSWER. I am the Kingdom of Israel for the life of the world!

you have been banned by United with Israel

I have many “disqus” accounts

not because I’m bad, but because I’m ignorant with the computer.

but can you thank this friend for me?Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agoLorenzojhwh UniusREI
if your God is good, your very nature reveals it,

but, certainly, the love and justice of Jesus of Bethlehem

all the gods has already won for his quality•
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 hours agoyou can not discredit the Bible (all already 100% archeologically accredited) and find something else that can be credited: in its place.

the Baal managed to bring down the fire from the sky,

but, it was in the presence of the prophet Elijah that they failed!•

millie • 4 hours agoRashida Tlaib has a lot of nerve condemning the anti-BDS bill supporters of dual loyalty, Her Map has Israel covered over with a postit note with Palestine on it. She is proclaiming her loyalty to an imaginably country that only has significance in that the Romans named it that as a pejorative during their cynosure. The Democratic party should disavow her.•
ProclaimLiberty • 4 hours agoI’d like to enter a plea to all those who comment here about articles of this sort, to refrain from insults and ad-hominum observations. The Congresswoman is wrong, not because of who she is, but because of what she says, how she says it, and because of the falsity of her political outlook. We may all vent our displeasure about these her attributes, but if anyone is to be persuaded to agree with us we must shine a light on her factual errors. We can’t change her flawed character, nor the fact that she was elected to represent her district of presumably like-minded citizen voters. But we can overcome her objectionable views and statements democratically, by arguing in favor of truth, and true justice, in the American way.•
Don Spilman ProclaimLiberty • 4 hours agoNow Proc, don’t go getting all self righteous on us we can say exactly how we feel we don’t need our own being some kind of thought police pushing some conservative form of p c on us. These people are absolutely sub human because they worship and blindly follow a demon, do you not understand that? Ridicule is a good thing when it is TRUTH!•

ProclaimLiberty Don Spilman • 3 hours agoRidicule requires sharp, well-targeted words to function effectively. It does not work if wielded as a blunt instrument of blatant racist or religious insult. I’m not arguing for political correctness, but only for correctness; not for political rightism, but for righteousness. I’m sure you can appreciate the difference, Don.•Reply

Don Spilman ProclaimLiberty • 2 hours agoWell let me splain something to you. You seem to feel quite religiously superior, and able to correct wrong doers. I guarantee you I know the Bible as well as any one here and probably better than most. You see I fully understand that the Bible commands the we HATE evil, do you understand that? Do you know what evil looks like? do you hesitate to recognize evil because you don’t want to be RESPONSIBLE for having to be one of those who may have to help put it down. Izslime is the single greatest evil to ever be designed by Satan and loosed upon humankind. I do not hesitate to name it belittle it speak totally derogatory about it and kill those who are trying to force the world to be under it. I wear a shirt which asks: IN A SHOOTING WAR WOULD YOU KNOW WHO TO SHOOT, I think you would be a dangerous person to be around because you evidently would not. You need to understand izslime better before you try correcting those who understand what we are facing better than yourself.•

ProclaimLiberty Don Spilman • 42 minutes agoI merely offered a plea to commenters that they should take the high ground, so that from there they might rain fire down upon their enemies, Don. However, since I serve with Israel’s Border Police in the Judean hills near Jerusalem, I think I can justify some small claim about recognizing evil-doers and doing about them what is proper. I also serve in my synagogue as a shatz and a Torah reader, which ought to offer you a clue about my capabilities as a reader of the ancient scriptures in their original tongue(s). Perhaps you’ll grant that I have both academic and practical experience with the proper interpretation of the notion of hating evil. As with any warfare, it is best conducted in a disciplined, coordinated manner, with proper methods, training, and weaponry — and not merely by shooting at it randomly. I would include under that rubric the metaphorical extension of “shooting off one’s mouth” when writing responses to online articles. If one can take the high ground, it is generally advisable to do so.•

Norm • 4 hours agodon’t worry. BDS has been losing on most fronts. She’s showing desperation. Her clan is also failing in The Womens March. Her purpose now is to expose the Dems. My worry is what she will get paid to do after her term when she will be more onerous.


ProclaimLiberty • 4 hours agoThe Congresswoman is mistaken about American rights to “political activity”. Certain activities, that deal with the internal governance of citizens themselves by means of selecting representatives for an already-determined political structure, are guaranteed as rights. However, there is no inherent right to attempt to dismantle that structure via insurrection, and there is no right to engage in foreign policy contrary to that established by the President. BDS represents interference with foreign policy. Organized boycotting is not an acceptable civil means of effecting democratic governance. And there are limits to civil disobedience, beyond which it is constrained and negatively sanctioned by law.


Don Spilman • 4 hours agoThis grinning nasty pile of camel dung, talking about America makes me want to vomit. This vile lying demonized female creature has no, ZERO, concept about anything that makes America great. She needs to be removed.•

Henry Carlson • 4 hours agoHow can she HONOR and OBEY her OATH of OFFICE ?


Peter Cohen • 5 hours agoAttorney ? Another Fakestinian delusion. I would like to see her transcripts and her board exam to practice law. They do not exist except in her Monty Python mind.•

Peter Cohen • 5 hours agoTlaib, Omar and Ocasio-Cortez should be boycotted by all Americans under BDS (Big **** Suckers)•

Dianne Kavon • 5 hours agoIf she thought becoming a member of the american congress would allow her to change the views of the other members, time for her to go back home and just be a housewife, Honestly I wonder how many more games they are going to try and play before just giving up. Figure some people can’t grasp the concept of we are not going anywhere and there is no way we will take the blame for others lack of brains. (or maybe realize the name Palestine doesn’t really belong to the fools, it is still one the Jews used, is not recognized as a real place so how can you talk about something which doesn’t exist•

Peter Cohen • 5 hours agoSomali Ilhan Omar claimed incest with her brother to lie her way into the US. My question is why hasn’t she been deported for an illegal act.•

Peter Cohen • 5 hours agoTlaib is a traitor. She does not belong in the US, let alone Congress.•

Isaac Rosen • 6 hours agoTlaib should be thrown out of Congress and be shipped back to wherever she came from. How dare she open up her trap and say that her purpose here is to turn America into a Muslim country. She has no shame! And how is it possible that the idiots I’m sorry to say American idiots would vote for such a disgusting dispicable, hateful Anti Samite, there’s only one place she and her cohorts belong and that’s underground with the rest of the Satans and Devils.•

arigatoo • 6 hours agoRepublicans did not forget that they serve America. This is Tlaib who does not serve America. She serves the Muslim enemies of America.


punch_corona arigatoo • 6 hours agothe pLo is a political party. it has no elections.. is not a country .. can’t represent two different political parties at the same time..


Carlos A. Garcia • 6 hours ago.This woman’s intentions were never for the best interest of this country, but to the Palestinian Muslims primarily at the Gaza Strip where she was born and very surely indoctrinated with their “Radicalize Jihadist,” And of course been financed by several of these Islamist Extremist Groups that are already settle in Michigan and within our very own noses while the Socialists, Leftists/ Liberals continue victimizing them and condoning their hostile actions towards anyone that oppose them with threats and violence. Israel is just the beginning since according to their book “Sahih al-Bukhari” which indoctrinates with its ideologies of “War” and intolerance toward anyone to their religion and those that refuse are murdered. Remember khaverim these people’s mentality and frame of thought is to conquer the entire hemisphere for their prophet and allah.


ShirleyMG • 6 hours agoFirst of all I want to say that I hold no ill will toward anyone of any religion. But in all people groups and religions you will find those that bring disgrace to the others. In this case it appalls me to know a Muslim of her ilk was elected to our Congress; although I am not surprised. The UN has worked with relocation services to embed Muslims in concentrated communities in the U.S. for just such a purpose. She proudly called President Trump a ‘mother******’ on her first day. Now, to no one’s surprise, she’s all for BDS. After all, she claims to be a Palestinian (a nation that never existed). The Democrats (aka Socialists) in our Congress seem to pride themselves in voting for and electing the fringe elements of our society, so in that she fits in pretty well. My apologies to the nation of Israel. Please know she does not represent the vast majority of Americans.

1 Dajjal • 7 hours agoThank you for embedding the twat’s tweet!!! I clicked through to answer as many others have done. There is no excuse for its being here and no excuse for letting the Morons of District 13 vote.


7littleangels • 7 hours agoThis arrogant pos has absolutely no business in our government! She should be recalled immediately and a replacement named. She is dangerous, she is evil, and she is ignorant.


peanut butter • 7 hours ago“They forgot what country they represent…” She started out knowing she would never represent American citizens or America in the first place. Her love is with her ‘palestinian’ people. And she certainly has no empathy for the Jews. She would love to see Israel pushed into the sea just like all the rest of Israel’s enemies. I hope they do something about her fast, her and the other extremist muslims that were sworn in. We need to wipe the country of anybody that hates democracy and our Constitution, and wants to replace us, or subjugate us, with a good bit of murder along the way. We still love you, Israel, even if nuts like this that somehow infiltrated our hallowed halls want to only cause you trouble.

1 alpcns . • 7 hours agoSometimes I wonder how historians, many years from now, will look upon the Democrat party for accepting anti-Semitic, seditious human thrash like this Tlaib character, and even defending it. This is as distant from JFK’s party as is imaginable.
They’ll recognize the trash, of course, but they’ll never be able to understand why we let the Trojan horse in.• Don Spilman alpcns . • 4 hours agoThere aren’t going to be “many years” alpcns. This coming war is going to change the entire dynamic of life as we know it. For one thing over two thirds of all humans will be dead within the next 7to 8 years.•

punch_corona alpcns . • 6 hours ago.. all these trojan horses.. tlabd .. harris.. the somalian.. ocasio.. have all been fingered in by the oba .. their campaigns funded by soros.. good luck America.. look at the muck they leave behind every day..
the arab war manual.. quran .. is the swearing in ceremony..
American voters have no idea for whom they have voted for congress.. her campaign paid by soros..


Hector Zuniga • 7 hours agoOne Day not to far, no to far away she will be like smoke and disappear in tiny air. leaving more fresh air to other people.•

commenterjoe9999 • 7 hours agoalso wondering why repubs waited this long for this, and who knows how many other bills they could sailed through before they lost the house commenterjoe9999 • 8 hours agoIf this bill had been in favor of a Muslim country would Sanders say that or would he say that opposing it would be a hate crime?

1Norm • 8 hours agoI wonder if her son’s school is mostly Muslim students & teachers ? If not, I hope he is harassed & bullied and he goes crying home to mama every night.


Sword of Honor • 8 hours agoFor an apologist for foreign dictators and gangsters to question the loyalty of anti-BDS proponents is typical of the cultural chasm between Arabia and America. It’s her own loyalty that needs examining
Whoever voted this woman in should be ashamed. They put our freedom at risk.
The Leftist dance with Islamofascism is a dumb, dangerous affectation that helps

America’s and Israel’s mortal enemy. We can only pray that Dem voters wake up and that bitterness and delusions have not entirely eradicated their intelligence, because it sometimes appears that they would rather destroy America than grow up and accept that they lost the election.

punch_corona Sword of Honor • 7 hours agothe pLo is a political party.. it is not a nation.. it has no history.. it has no elections..
this congress woman can’t pretend allegiance to a foreign political party.. a foreign political flag.. a foreign war manual (quran ).. simply not legal.. more like treason..

2AcousticTimber • 8 hours agoThis is what our country was warned about. Obama started it and now the new Liberals are setting us up. Watch your back and the little girl from New York must not be trusted. Now we will see which side the FBI is on. Step up protection on our President and his family. We can tell they will stop at nothing.• Aurella • 8 hours agoShe called the President a “Motherf))-Ker, which is just as bad as using the N word. She is a RACIST who should be thrown out of office for doing this. Why is she allowed to say derogatory words and get away with it? I THINK IT IS JUST AS BAD AS THE N WORD, -KICK THAT ANTI SEMITIC RACIST OUT!!!!!


punch_corona Aurella • 8 hours agoa complaint with the ABA would be appropriate.. should be disbarred as lawyer.. for these insults..
morens Aurella • 8 hours agoWow, you really nailed it! Most of us believe that there is no excuse for that kind of language publicly, especially among elected government officials, or just about anybody in the public spotlight. The Republicans need to be calling upon the Dems to totally and completely repudiate this trash talk!
Edward Lozano • 8 hours agoSenator Rubio…you added one letter….it should have been just plain BS!

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